#HelpMyNHS in our 5 Communities


We need your help to protect our NHS now and for future generations.

While more people than ever before are calling on its services, our NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge it has known. Our health and care services are under pressure and need to change and adapt in response to the continuously increasing demand.

And while all the different parts of the NHS – from GPs to hospitals, mental health services to community services and the local council’s social care services – are working together to find solutions, the NHS needs us, the people it was set up to serve, to do their bit as well.

This week we are launching #HelpMyNHS  – a campaign which looks at how we all use local health and social care - from GP and primary care services, hospitals, social care, community and mental health services.

We will also celebrate the tireless work of thousands of NHS and social care staff who are working around the clock to treat record numbers of patients.

About our local health and care services

Most of our local NHS services are funded by us, NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG. We work with the 35 GP practices in our five communities of Burgess Hill, Crawley, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Horsham and surrounding villages - to provide healthcare for the local population.

Our two CCGs work closely in partnership to cover the north of West Sussex. We are responsible for planning, funding and monitoring:

  • the care and treatment you may need in hospital, in the community and with GPs, including district nurses, physiotherapy and other therapies,
  • the medicines you may be prescribed,
  • mental health care, and
  • support and services for people living with learning disabilities.

Our combined annual budget of £448.5m supports more than 237,000 people, funding a local NHS that is available to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


... All in our area alone. It never stops. Not for a minute.

Add to that the fact that:

  • up to 30% of people who use A&E don’t really need to go there and are not suffering from serious illness or injury.
  •  £1.6million is wasted across our 5 Communities every single year on medicines that have been supplied to patients but never used.
  • up to 25 % of people who call on their GP do so with minor illnesses they could treat at home with the help of a pharmacist.
  • 20% of our local populations who call on emergency GP out-of-hours services do so to order repeat prescriptions they’ve forgotten to sort out during the working week.
  • More than twelve million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing in excess of £162 million per year.
  • More than 5 million hospital outpatient appointments are missed every year – one in 10 of all slots

When you consider all that, it’s no surprise that the NHS is struggling.

Dr Amit Bhargava, local GP and Clinical Chief Officer of Crawley CCG, said: “The demand on our health and care services is unprecedented and, like the NHS nationwide, we are facing huge financial challenge. In our 5 Communities, our residents enjoy long lives compared to other areas of the country, but with older age comes more complicated health conditions, such as dementia and diabetes.”

Earlier this year, NHS Crawley and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex reported a combined deficit of £24.2million and have drawn up a plan to tackle the challenge.

Dr Minesh Patel, local GP and Chair of Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG, said: "We are working to transform health and care services locally to ‘join up’ the many different parts of the NHS that people experience as patients – GP services, mental health services, community health services and hospital services.

“Underpinning this is the commitment to support people to live healthier lives so that they do not need to access the NHS’s services unless they really need to." 

I will #HelpMyNHS

We’re asking everyone in our 5 Communities to do something small to #HelpMyNHS. By adding your name to our pledge wall, you'll be demonstrating your commitment and support for our local NHS. 

Find out more here or show our support via Twitter using the hashtag #HelpMyNHS